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J Psychiatry Brain Sci. 2022;7:e220002.


Grant Report Collection

The Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science Editorial Office

1st Floor Cobham MSA, Cobham, Surrey, Greater London, KT11 3DB, UK

Published: 30 April 2022

We are pleased to announce that all the papers in the Grant Report Collection have been finalized.

Grant Report is a new article type we introduced to the Journal of Psychiatry and Brain Science. The goal of this class of manuscript is to increase the visibility of new research ideas and plans, and to provide an update on research currently being supported and on datasets that may be available to the field in the future. Because of the great amount of thought and effort that goes into many grant applications, their publication will add to the total scientific perspective and knowledge. Since only funded grants will be published, the danger of another investigator “scooping” the author is avoided.

The Grant Report Collection has successfully assembled 36 papers since it was launched in 2020. We appreciate all the authors, reviewers and academic editorsʼ effort on this collection.

All the papers are published in an open access form and could be downloaded freely. We would like to invite you to read and enjoy this benefit.

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